Performance review template

Review: date

Personal Overview

What are you proud of, work-wise?
What would you have changed in the last review period?
What challenges have come up?
How are you on track to meet your goals?
What are your long-term career aspirations?

Manager review

How can your manager help you be more successful?

Skill Development and Career Mobility

List all the skills, competencies, or experiences that you need to develop to pursue your career path. Rate your current skills using tags labeled from Haven't Started ⟶ Expert.

Note: Skills don’t need to be the highest rating in order to be successful in your current role or your future role.
Project management
Data analysis in Python

Manager Notes

Have your manager fill out this section ahead of the meeting.

Next steps

Before completing your career session, make sure to have a few items in your action plan and a date when you will check in on progress to hold each other accountable.
Action item #1
Action item #2