Creative Brief Template

Nail your next brief with this template

Project name

Launch: April 28th
Driver: @chris
Contributors: @clara @mike
Creative budget: $$
Approver: @laura
Creative lead: @adrien
Media budget: $$
Informed: @bob
Creative contributors: @lola


Describe how we got here, the assignment's context and why this assignment is important now.

How could we...?

Describe the assignment itself, don't be afraid to be straight-forward, inspiring, or both.


We want to
What do we want to achieve in general, what should be the big win here?

How are we achieving this in general terms, what should we be doing?

Why is what we are doing and aiming for a good idea and important for us?

We are happy when
What quantitative or qualitative goal are we going for in what time period?


Describe what you want to end-result, not the process, to be like.
Criteria #1
Criteria #2
Criteria #3

Target audience

Describe who we are talking to, what are their needs, what do they know about us, how can we target them? Anything we know about them that we can hook our message into.


Please add any links that help us to understand the assignment, the context, the audience or the problem better.

Assets breakdown

Give us your first idea of the content and channels you foresee this assignment should deliver.

Need to check
Nice to check