Project Proposal Template

Mission:  A summary of what your product hopes to achieve and why. 

Problem & background

Why are we doing this? What's the problem to solve? Is it strategic, tactical? Are there specific customer insights that could be quoted or data to back this up. A big project, a small project? Paint a picture to the reader so they are able to get a good overview of what's happening.


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Explore the solution to a goldilocks level. Explore the rabbit holes, provide some mockups. This is not a full spec, but should give enough information to start working.

Methodology & Project scope

A step-by-step process to how you plan on reaching your project goal. What needs to happen? Include a timeline of events here.

Goals & KPIs

How will you measure the success of your project? 
Goal 1: KPI
Goal 2: KPI
Goal 3: KPI


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Resource Request
Name and link to resource as well as a short description. 
How much of that resource do you need? Or how regularly do you need it?



Final wrap up—reiterate the goal and the project mission. 


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Project owner

Name: Full name
Date: Jan 21st, 2021

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Link any sources or supporting data you have used.
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