Product requirements document

A Product Requirements doc focuses on the users' idea of what the finished product should do.

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Clément Rog
Design Frogs
Back-end Bears
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Sep 6, 2021


Intro & Goals

Share here why you want to develop this product and how it will work in the best-case scenario. Then add some concrete goals:
Goal #1
Goal #2

Who's it For?

Describe your target customer persona here

Why are we Building it?

Why are you doing this? How does this relate to your overall business and product strategy?

Expected Results

Will raise activation by +1% week on week

Product Requirements

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Short identifier
Describe what the user should achieve
Must Have
Add additional considerations here

User interaction and design

Sketch mockups directly in Slite, or embed diagrams or visual designs related to the above requirements.
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Competitors and Inspiration

Add links to similar products you admire

Open questions

Questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document. Please use the conversation feature until resolution.