User story - Template

This is the template we use for all our user stories.

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I want to know how many times my contract is viewed
In order to better personalize my sales follow up & increase chances to close my deal

Deployment date: 2020-01-28


Describe the final needs that need to be addressed during development.

Use cases

Describe here real customer use cases in order to define context, frustration and goals.


Describe here the plans involved in the development and whether it is necessary to associate the feature with a feature flag.
Plans: All
Feature flag: No


Add here a video explaining the feature to illustrate its behavior to the different internal teams (technical support, care, sales, marketing...).

Details of user story

Here are the step-by-step functional specifications, illustrated by the mock-ups.

Wireframes & design

Here are the different links to access to the assets.
UI (inVision) :
UI (Zeplin) :

KPI & feature tracking

Describe here which events need to be recorded in order to be measured, what the success objectives are but also the minimum level of use envisaged. These elements will allow you to follow the progress and therefore the impact of the feature after the release.

Technical review of operations

Add here possible elements to think about in order to carry out the development in good conditions.
Limits, performances & scaling
Security & bug bounty program