Project Update Template

Use this document to provide updates throughout your project's lifecycle. Customize it as you see fit, all while ensuring that you highlight your successes & potential problems on the horizon.

Project Name: One Project To Rule Them All
Project Manager: Bilbo Baggins
Project ID: Where applicable

Current Date: January 22, 2021

Current Project Status
Is your project on-track? At risk? Off-track?

Project Update Summary
Provide a quick summary about the current status of your project to be referred to at a glance. It should be brief, but provide a comprehensive update to the reader.

Recent Progress & Achievements 🥳
-Achievement 1
-Achievement 2
-Achievement 3

Problems & Issues To Resolve
-Problem 1
-Problem 2
-Problem 3

Project Element Updates
Project Elements
Contact Person
Additional Comments

Is everything getting done on time, or are you running behind schedule?

Do you need to acquire any additional resources?

Are you underspending or overspending? Or are you right on track?
Team Performance

Are there any issues that need to be addressed with your project team? Any recognition to express?

Is everyone communicating effectively, both internally and externally?
Additional Comments
Take note of any other comments or concerns related to the current status of your project here.