Project plan template

This doc allows you to keep track of all the steps driving the project to completion. It's an inventory of your team's ideas, research, meetings, subsequent changes, tests and achievements. A clear source of truth that you can always point to and reuse for each project.

Status: In progress / Done
Author: @lauren
Priority: P2

Background 🖼

Why is the team devoting time to this project? Explain how it fit into the bigger picture and eventually relate to past projects if relevant.
Define why...

Problem definition

List your problems from highest to lowest priority.
Problem description

Research 🔬

Link user research documents below. Use the  User interview template  to get started.
@doclink to user interviews


Jobs help you understand the situations, motivations, and expected outcomes for users who'd encounter your solutions to the problem. Think about who will be interacting with your solution and write short user stories as a way to categorise those different situations.

As a role, when situation, I want to motivation, so that I can expected outcome.

Proposed approach

Define briefly how to solve the above problems and identify important success criteria/requirement and KPIs.


What are you going to try to accomplish given the stated problems, users, and jobs? Think at a very high level, don't get too detailed in terms of what the solution might look like.
E.g. make it easy for users to discover the extent of the editor's capacities
E.g. find a unified system of formatting and insertion toolbars


Before diving into pixels and decisions, take time to jot down first thoughts and ideas around problem and solutions. Write pros and cons for each concept.
Link brainstorm docs, embed Draw io flowcharts or Figma low-fi mockups.


Hopefully you've gathered feedback in the Explorations phase on which directions to go for. Now it's time to visualize the chosen solutions. Break your solution(s) down into document stories and specs which reference back to the problems, jobs and original goals.

User testing

Link user testing scripts and results.
@User testing doc

Evaluation 📈

What are the results? Is the solution working? What are the KPIs affected?
List outcomes

Project retrospective

What went well? How can we improve?
Use the  Project retrospective template  and link it below.
@Retrospective doc