Project Status Report Template

This document is your guide to creating a regular project status report. Adapt the doc’s inventory depending on who you’re writing the report for. Try to give as much information as possible, write clearly, and celebrate each milestone you hit.

Project name: Project awesome 
Project manager: John Smith
Project code: If applicable
Report date: MM/DD/YYYY

Overall project status
On-track / At-risk / Off-track

Top Level Summary
In a few sentences, give an overview of the project status. Adapt this depending on who the report is for. 

Project Components Overview
Owners & Team
Is the project running on schedule?
Are you low or have excess resources? 
Are you on budget, under, or over? 
Is the project’s quality being jeopardized? 
Team Performance 
How is the team performing? Is someone in particular excelling? 
Potential risks & roadblocks that could affect the project timeline. 

Timelines & Targets
Paste a link to your Gantt view calendar or insert an image.

Notable Changes
Are there any changes that should be brought up in this status report?