Software Doc Template

This template is intended to be used for internal (or user) software documentation. Customize it in order to provide your users will all the essential information they need to know about using your latest software, answering their questions and helping them get started with ease.

Software Name: The Next Best Software
Software Version: Where applicable

Technical Information: Where applicable, outline any additional technical details that might be required by users here.

Software Summary
Provide a brief summary about what your software is and what is does. Also, introduce any updates, new functions or bug fixes here.

How-To Guide
Provide step-by-step instructions to help users use your software for the first time.
Steps To Get Started
Additional Comments
Step 1
In simple and action-oriented language, guide users through the first steps of your software.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Have any videos or knowledge bases to link if new users need additional guidance? Include them here.

Frequented Asked Questions
-Question 1
-Answer 1

-Question 2
-Answer 2

-Question 3
-Answer 3

Customer Support
If users need extra assistance or have any troubleshooting issues, provide contact information to your customer support or link them to online assistance or chat portals here.

Additional Comments
Include any additional information or documentation that might be relevant to users here.