Project Outline Template

Please fill-in the doc concisely, the idea is to give the right level of abstraction to anyone who could be involved into the project.

Project Name: Superhuman Project
Current Date: January 6th, 2021
Project Manager: Superman

Document Author: Lois Lane

Executive Summary
Provide a short-and-sweet summary about your project that can be read and digested quickly and easily.

Project Background
Why is your team working on this project? What's the logic behind your chosen approach? What context, problems and details will you be keeping in mind in your planning process?

Statement Of Work
Outline the scope of your work and all the elements that will go into your project.

Project Objectives
-Objective 1
-Objective 2
-Objective 3

Project Constraints
-Constraint 1
-Constraint 2
-Constraint 3

Project Assumptions
-Assumption 1
-Assumption 2
-Assumption 3

Key Deliverables
-Deliverable 1
-Deliverable 2
-Deliverable 3

Project Timeline
Project Milestone
Contact Person
Projected Date
Additional Notes
Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

Milestone 4

Milestone 5

Project Budget
Budget Item
Project Milestone
Contact Person
Labour Estimate ($)
Materials Estimate ($)
Estimated Budget ($)
Actual Budget ($)





Project Team
-Executive Sponsor(s)
-Project Owner(s)
-Key Stakeholder(s)
-Key Team Member(s)

Project Communications Plan
How will communication be organized moving forward in your project? Outline it here.

Additional Comments
Insert any additional comments or documentation relevant to your upcoming project here.