Software Design Document Template

Here's an outline of everything you'll need to get started with the development process!


Introduce the new software in a few lines. Describe what the product will do and what problems it will solve. A video overview may be helpful – or a sketch, or a bulleted list.

Problem statement:

Based on ...
We predict that ...
Will ...

How will it work?

Describe how your software product or feature should look and be used by end-users. Include media where applicable.
Sketches cannot currently be displayed in exports

Development Timeline

Provide a timeline of the software development process here.
Month 1: first iteration
Month 2: testing
Month 3: launch

Development Milestones

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How do we measure success?

What are some key metrics or observable results we can use to see if our designs were successful?

Launch plan

What is the approach for launching this and talking about it to our customers. Provide not only the approach, but also some copy and benefit.