Progress Report Template

This progress report template is designed to keep your team on track, and staying productive. Adapt this template for different departments and team members, and give your talent the structure they need to feedback work progression. 

Author Name: John Smith  
Manager: Joanna Smith
Department: Marketing/Finance/Sales...
Reporting period: MM/DD/YYYY

Department Quarterly Goals
 Increase leads by 50%
 Refine invoicing processes
 Convert 20%+ leads to sales

Completion Rate: XX%
Overdue Projects: 1/2/3...
Problems: 1/2/3...

Top Level Progress
In a few sentences, give an overview of the progress toward department goals, depending on personal quarterly goals.

Personal Quarterly Goals
Cover personal goals for the quarter, there should be around 3-4. 
KPIs are the projects correlating with these goals. For each project, create a new line and number. 
XX%— Discuss the progress made, if the project is on track, and celebrate wins. 
1/2/3...— List problems relating to each project. This can include roadblocks, tech, or more. Try to suggest solutions. 

List anything else you think may be important for the manager or reader to know. Discuss qualitative feedback, general feelings around goals, and expectations.